One of the Bungalows up on the hill with a great view of the limestone mountains.
Phanom Bencha Mountain Resort – the ultimate Krabi resort, close to nature. One of the Bungalows up on the hill with a great view of the limestone mountains.
Restaurant and Check-in area.
Restaurant and Check-in area at Phanom Bencha Mountain Resort – Paradise!

Click for info -> Phanom Bencha Mountain Resort in Krabi

Waterfalls near Krabi Hiking in Forets

Cascading waterfall area at Phanom Bencha Mountain Resort. This resort is like a nature preserve. You can find many variety of birds, geckos, lizards, frogs, butterflies, and other wildlife to take photos of. For more info – Click Here.


Unique Krabi Things to Do - Wat Thep Rattan - Unseen Thailand
Maybe 100 tourists have seen this temple per year. If you come, add a 50 THB donation to one of the donation buckets.

This is Rattanporn Cave at a Buddhist temple on the way to Huay Toh Waterfall. A short tour through these caves is a wonderful addition to your waterfall experience.


Mountain top view from Wat Thamsuea in Krabi, Thailand
Amazing 360 degree views of Krabi, Thailand.

From the top of Wat Tum Sua Buddhist Temple in the Khao Phanom mountain chain. Many layers of limestone karst are viewable. Sunset is spectacular when not raining.


Lang Rong Rien Cave (Rang Rien) in Krabi, Thailand

Another cave on the way to Huay Toh Waterfall.


Krabi Viewpoint at Hang Nak Mountain, Krabi, Thailand

Above is the view from a lovely hike in Tub Kaak (Nong Talay) area of Krabi on the coast. This is a 1,500 feet elevation mountain with gorgeous views of the beaches and limestone karst formations.


Steps up mountain path in Krabi

Walking down the hill at the Ngorn Nak Hike in Tub Kaak.


3 Mangrove Cat Snakes at Krabi Ao Nang King Cobra Snake Show - Thailand

Ole holds 3 Mangrove Cat-Eyed Snakes at the King Cobra Show in Ao Nang. More information -> Krabi King Cobra Show.


Krabi Beach (Tub Kaak) at Sunset
Amazing sunsets at Tub Kaak Beach, Krabi province.

From the beach in Tub Kaak you can see the sun setting behind the mountains of Pha-Nga and Phuket Island.


Emerald Pool (Sra Morakot) Freshwater Spring-fed Pool in Krabi, Thailand. The water is cool and is one of the top things to do in Krabi.
Cool, clean, and fresh water and few people before 11am!

Sra Morakot, also called, “Crystal Pool” and “Crystal Pond” is a great day trip for the family. The water is about 5 feet deep, and there are a number of small very shallow areas for small children to play with parental supervision. This is one of the most beautiful places in Krabi. Click Here for more info.


Blue Pool at Sra Morakot (Emerald Pool) in Krabi, Thailand
Blue Pool is located above the Emerald Pool about 400m on the boardwalk. Worth the walk!

Blue Pool is located at Crystal Pool, and is another couple hundred meters (yards) walk to reach, but worth it for the photo opportunity. This is where the water bubbles up from the ground, and what feeds Crystal Pool with fresh clean water.

Ocean surf at Railay Beach East in Krabi Province, Thailand

Railay Beaches are exceptionally beautiful!


Elephant Trekking at Sra Gaew Caves, Krabi, Thailand

Elephant Trekking is a popular thing to do in Krabi. There are a number of elephant tours available. Click Here for more info.



For Tour Reservations or Information – Click HERE.

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